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Moran decries plan to revoke dealerships

Terming them evidence of government meddling, Rep. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., announced his opposition Friday to plans by GM and Chrysler to terminate contracts with local dealerships like Wright’s Inc. of Hillsboro.

“Closing community dealerships would do nothing to help these auto companies,” Moran said in a statement. “There is no sense in cancelling contracts for these dealers that bring in money for the auto industry and support our small-town communities.”

Moran said the plan, developed with encouragement from President Obama’s economic advisers, was “a prime example of the devastating consequences that can happen when government becomes involved in private-sector affairs.”

He cited a study by a consulting firm indicating that reducing the number of dealerships would do nothing to improve GM or Chrysler’s economic situation at this time.

“Many of these businesses that provide to the local economy are independently owned by families living within the community,” Moran said. “When these jobs are lost in small towns and cities, the impact becomes much more evident and painful for the economy to absorb.”

Last modified June 4, 2009