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More meals, no taxes, and hope springs eternal?

Good news from Goessel Senior Center.

The center’s meal program will remain open — at least for now. More meals are being served at the center, making it more viable.

Newton Senior Center will be closing in a couple of months because there isn’t enough support for that program.

Most of us think there would be tremendous support because there are a large number of elderly people in Marion County — Harvey County, too. With the economy being what it is, there are many more people than before who could use a hot, delicious, and inexpensive meal on a regular basis.


No news yet — good or bad — for Marion County and other Kansas counties, waiting for a decision from legislators regarding TransCanada paying taxes on its pipeline.

It still baffles most of us the legislators in Topeka promised a tax exemption to a company when it didn’t qualify for one and now act like it was the right decision and are not correcting it.


There are some short-term benefits to this project — easements being paid to property owners and goods and services purchased by pipeline contractors as they dig through Marion County.

The only benefit Kansas would receive — and only reason for allowing this project to progress — would be taxes on the crude slurry running through the pipelines in the state.

And now if state legislators do not take a stand against this oil company, we’ll have nothing.

No wonder the state is so deep in debt with no way out.

I read a magazine article about the billion dollar pipeline project and how this company — the same company Marion County has been dealing with — has just steamrolled over everything and everyone in its path. Land is being stripped, toxic sites are being created, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

We all understand this country’s insatiable appetite for oil but at what cost will this continue?


I know I just vented last week about the never-ending winter weather but I have to make just one more comment.

In a little more than three weeks, spring will officially begin.

Remember that as we continue to dig out and bundle up.

— susan berg

Last modified Feb. 25, 2010