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Neighborhood watch

We sure would like to know the person or people responsible for breaking into the downtown businesses in Hillsboro.

Even though the perpetrators are not taking much of value, they are disrupting business and causing significant damage in their pursuit of cash.

I remember from my retail days, there was a certain deduction of sorts to offset losses from shoplifting. We know it happens all of the time — large businesses, small businesses. For some people, if it’s there for the taking, why not take it?

What some may not realize is when a person steals something, it affects everyone, not just the business owner. How do you think the business owner offsets those losses? He or she is forced to raise prices. The loss has to be made up somehow.

Why should we care?

Manufacturing and higher paying jobs are important, but retail businesses are icing on the cake. Can you imagine what it would be like if we had to go to McPherson, Newton, or Salina for conveniences like purchasing groceries, school supplies, get haircuts, eat out, or to buy or service our vehicles?

How fortunate we are to have so many conveniences in Hillsboro. Do you think the college would be as viable if there weren’t retail businesses? Probably not.

The Hillsboro Police Department is working diligently to solve these crimes and at least stop the mayhem.

Let’s help them. If we see something suspicious, call them and let them know. Let’s be good neighbors and let these criminals know it’s not a question of if they will be caught, but when.

— susan berg

Last modified Nov. 26, 2008