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New emergency manager plans for the worst

Staff writer

New Marion County emergency manager Randy Frank is currently getting ready for the spring severe weather season. He had already finished his work for the winter in August.

“In emergency management, we try to help businesses and individuals and groups get ready for the next disaster,” he said. “We try to help them be better prepared, because the more prepared they are, the more help they’ll be during a disaster. We won’t be helping them, but they’ll be helping us.”

Coming to Marion from Clermont, Iowa, Frank said he chose his new job because it is close to his family. He is originally from Arkansas City.

Frank has more than 10 years of emergency management experience and has worked with Homeland Security and FEMA Agency. He also spent time in the Army.

“I haven’t been home since I left for college,” he said.

As the county’s emergency manager, Frank will work with local law enforcement, ambulance crews, and fire fighters to coordinate relief and educate others on how to stay prepared for disasters.

“Emergency management is like an umbrella to all the other emergency services that are here within the county,” he said.

Frank also expressed a need to keep the local emergency planning committee certified and get more active, as well as reviewing the emergency operations plan and hazard litigation plan.

He said he is also available to any group or school that would like to get in contact with him.

“Preparing for disaster is like anything else you prepare for,” he said. “You never know when Mother Nature’s going to have a bad day.”

Last modified Nov. 7, 2013