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New teachers report for orientation

Staff writer

Five new teachers at Marion schools had new teacher orientation Friday.

Shyla Harris, who will teach middle and high school vocal music, said this is her second year as a teacher. Last year she taught at Leon, but she wanted to come home to Florence, where she grew up and where her family still lives.

What drew her into teaching was a particularly inspiring music teacher, she said. That teacher helped her grow into a great musician. She wanted to pass that gift along.

What she hopes people know is that things change.

“It’s OK to mess up,” she said. You can always continue to grow and improve yourself.”

Reann Buchanan, who will teach high school math, taught three years at Canton-Galva before transferring to Marion.

She and her family already lived in Marion because they wanted their children to go to school here, and she commuted to Canton-Galva. The couple has three children, the youngest a newborn.

“This is where I graduated,” she said. “I’m very much small town.”

When she was at the University of Kansas, she changed her major to teaching.

“Teachers care about you, and that’s why we’re mean to you,” Buchanan said.

Karen Nickel taught 16 years at Centre before transferring to Marion. She will teach high school math.

“I am the oldest of five children, and I always wanted to work around kids,” she said.

Over the years, she has worked her way upward in the education system, starting with lower grades, then moving to higher grades.

“Once you’re one of my students, you’re pretty much my student for life,” she said. “I want to know how you’re doing.”

She enjoys seeing the faces of former students and recognizes them.

Lauren Ash will teach second grade at Marion Elementary School.

She was drawn to teaching because of a drive to inspire something positive in students’ lives.

“My favorite things are social studies and science,” she said.

Rebecka Dreier will teach high school social studies.

She is a first-year teacher.

“At first I wanted to be anything but a teacher,” she said.

Her first plan was enter the medical field. However, teaching is in her blood.

“I come from a very long line of teachers,” Dreier said.

Coaching soccer right out of high school helped change her mind. The more she was around children, the more she grew to love them.

“I know I’m going to make mistakes and learn and go on from it,” she said.

Last modified Aug. 16, 2023