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Northwest of Durham

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The Durham Senior Citizens met Jan. 25 at the Community Building for their monthly meeting. There were 21 present to enjoy the potluck meal at noon. Lila Unruh hosted the meeting.

Everyone enjoyed sharing interesting incidents that happened in their life, with some being quite humorous.

Supper guests in the home of Larry and Wanda Koehn on Jan. 24 were Doyle and Kara Wiebe and family, Heath and Tannis Dirks, Caryln and Jackie Wiebe, and Quinton and Dianne Unruh.

Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Bruce and Cheryl Dirks and Clayton and Betty Wiebe went Jan. 27 to Moundridge to visit Henry Redger. Henry is doing quite well living in his home close to his daughter, Donna Koehn.

Guests for coffee and visiting in the home of Dora Unruh on Jan. 24 were Mich Rhodes and Lindsay, Wendy Unruh, Shanda and Lamar, and Carol Unruh, Alex and Zach.

Titus Koehn left Jan. 29 for Grand View, Manitoba, where he will attend the Boys Prepatory School for about two weeks. He will then go to Swan River, Manitoba, where he will visit his sister Sara and Tom Penner and family.

Those that had dinner on Jan. 29 in the home of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe were Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and Janesa, Chelsea Koehn, Mark and Kris Wiebe Lance, Kayla and Luke.

Mark and Barb Unruh went to visit Jerald Unruh on Jan. 29 at Kansas Heart Hospital in Wichita.

Guests in the home of Stuart and Lea Isaac the evening of Jan. 29 were the youth of the Morning Star Church, Larry and Wanda Koehn, Eric Schrock and his father Phil Kidron, Ohio, Ken and Sandy Wiebe, Richard and Charlotte Wiebe, and Teresa Wiebe.

Mike and Mich Rhodes hosted a benefit supper for Cottonwood Grove Christian School in their home on Jan. 30. Attending were Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Bruce and Cheryl Dirks, Warren and Jane Unruh, Harry and Leia Wedel, and Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and boys.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe visited Ann Bartel the evening of Jan. 29.

Bryon and Rebecca Thomas and Cristina, Leonard and Dianne Peachy, Ruston and Lydia Dirks and girls, and Heath and Tannis Dirks were supper guests in the home of Bruce and Cheryl Dirks on Jan. 29.

Betty Wiebe hosted a benefit tea for the school on Jan. 30 at her home. Enjoying the morning together were Lillian Wiebe, Sharon Koehn and children, Tami Koehn, Wendy Unruh Shanda and Lamar, LaVae Koehn, Charlene Wedel, and Sheri Wiebe and Julie.

The evening of Jan. 26, Bruce and Cheryl Dirks and Charlene Becker went to visit Melvin and Vera Dirks at the Moundridge Manor.

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