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Northwest of Durham Christmas relatives gather

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Hiram and Rhonda Wedel of Iowa arrived late Dec. 23 to spend Christmas with Roy and Nadine Davis. Eileen Davis, of Clarksdale, Miss., arrived at the home of her parents on the evening of Dec. 24.

Additional visitors in the Davis home that evening were Joseph and Brenda Johnson and family of Fawnsdale, Ala., Richard and Charlotte Wiebe, Dalton and Loran Wiebe and family, Troy and Marla Wiebe and family, Rick and LaVae Koehn and boys, Titus Koehn and Tim Davis.

The Harry Wedel family had a gathering on Dec. 23 at the Cottonwood Grove Christian School. There were about 71 family members in attendance that ate a potluck supper. It was hosted by the Merlin Wiebe family.

Christmas Day dinner guests in the Ransom Wiebe home were Mark and Kris Wiebe, Lance, Kayla, who teaches in Pryor, Okla., Karalee, and Luke, Jasper and Joni Zeistl, Sharon Redger, Kendall and Susie Wiebe, and Abigail and Merlin and Karletta Wiebe, Jana, and Janesa.

Ron and Dora Unruh had their family home on Dec. 26 and the entire family numbering 30 were present. They were Jim and Brenda Enns, Lon and Deb Hiebert and Matt, Mark and Barb Unruh, Katelin and Sarah, Warran and Anita Unruh, Nathan, Kyle and Jenna, Davis and Ashley Enns and family, Darren and Corina Enns, Lisa Enns and Matt Stauffer of Seattle, and Josh Hendricks of Wamego.

On Dec. 26, Larry and Wanda Koehn, Titus, Travis, and Sharon and family, Dalton and Loran Wiebe and boys went to Montezuma for the Dayton Unruh family gathering. It was hosted by Starla Harms KT who is spending the winter in Montezuma with her family. Others in attendance were Quinton and Diane Unruh and Jessie, Warren, and Jane Unruh.

The Wayne Wiebe family, Nelson Wiebe family, Travis Koehn family, Calvin Wiebe family, and Loretta Wiebe gathered at the Clayton Wiebe home for Christmas dinner.

The Dan Duekrsen family supper was hosted by Marvin Duerksen family on Dec. 28 in the Goessel city building. Those that went from the northwest of Durham area were Ron and Dora Unruh, Mark Unruh family, and Warren Unruh family.

On Dec. 25, dinner guests of Roy and Nadine Davis were Eileen Davis, Hiram and Rhonda Wedel, Rick and LaVae Koehn and boys. On Dec. 26, They joined Wendell and Linda Wedel, Greg and Charlene Wedel and family, and Travis and Connie Becker and family at the café for a family dinner.

The Isaac Wiebe family were guests of Ken and Doyle Wiebe family. They had supper at the school on Dec. 26. Special guests included the Arden Wiebe family of Texas and Joseph Johnson family of Alabama.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe took Loretta to the airport on Dec. 29 where she returned to Phoenix after spending two weeks visiting family.

Supper guests at the home of Harry and Sheryl Rhodes on Dec. 27 were Roy and Nadine Davis, Eileen Davis, Hiram and Rhonda Wedel, and Merlin and Karletta Wiebe, Jana and Janesa.

After the Davis family had dinner together on Dec. 28, Hiram and Rhonda left for their home in Iowa.

The Justin and Rebecca Wiebe family of Bloomfield, Iowa, arrived in Durham and Hillsboro area on Dec. 28 to visit family and friends. They visited Ransom and Lillian Wiebe. Later that evening the Justin Wiebe family; Kendall and Susie Wiebe and Abigail; and Anthony and Beth Wiebe and family were supper guests of the Marlin Wiebe family.

Dec. 21-26

Roy and Nadine Davis were among the Marion County employees who enjoyed a catered Christmas supper Dec. 17 at the Marion County Lake Hall.

Harry and Sheryl Rhodes hosted a family supper Dec. 13 at their home. Darrin and Meri Kay Rhodes and family, Ken and Shelli Giesbrecht and Taylor, Mike and Mich Rhodes and family, and Calvin and Janene Wiebe and family were guests. Calvin Wiebe’s birthday was celebrated.

Bruce and Cheryl Dirks and Ron and Dora Unruh enjoyed supper and fellowship in the home of Mike and Mich Rhodes on Dec. 15.

Wendell and Linda Wedel hosted a supper for Main Street Café employees on Dec. 15 at the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in Salina.

Willis and Cindy Troyer, Adrian, and Larisa of Ohio, Merlin and Karletta Wiebe, Jana, and Janessa, Larry and Wanda Koehn and Titus, and Eric Schrock were dinner guests of Anthony and Beth Wiebe on Dec. 18. Willis and Cindy Troyer are Beth Wiebe’s parents. Jana Wiebe returned home from California for the holidays on Dec. 16.

Calvin and Janene Wiebe and family, Nelson and Bev Wiebe and family, Wayne and Loralee Wiebe and family, Travis and Sharon Koehn and family, and Loretta Wiebe had supper Dec. 15 at the Clayton Wiebe home. Calvin Wiebe’s birthday was celebrated. Loretta Wiebe returned home from Arizona to spend time with her parents, Clayton and Betty Wiebe, on Dec. 15.

The memorial service for Katie (Redger) Buller, 93, was Dec. 19 at the Lone Tree Church. Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Ken and Sandy Wiebe, Clayton and Betty Wiebe, Loretta Wiebe, Teresa Wiebe, Doyle Wiebe, and Stuart and Lea Isaac attended the service from the area.

Ron and Dora Unruh attended the Trinity Church Christmas program Dec. 18.

Cottonwood Grove Christian School students presented a Christmas program for parents and friends Dec. 19 at Morning Star Church.

Lola Redger hosted a family dinner in honor of Ray Redger’s birthday on Dec. 11. Ray, Lisa Redger, Kyle Redger, and Tressa Redger were guests.

Jaraine Redger and Lola Redger went to an open house at John Deere on Dec. 16. They also visited Irvin and Muriel Christianson in Marion.

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