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Dinner guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe on Nov. 25 were grandchildren Brian and Angel Unruh, Megan and Elizabeth, of Hardinsburg, Ind.; Rebecca and Bryon Thompson; Randy and Laura Unruh, Glen, Calif.; and the Jason Wiebe family. The Brian Unruhs were houseguests of the Thompsons.

Thanksgiving Day dinner guests of Clayton and Betty Wiebe were Nelson and Bev Wiebe and family and Wayne and Lorelei Wiebe and family. Supper guests were Keala Smith; her parents, Stan and Eileen Smith and family, Fort Summer, N.M.; her grandparents, Sam and Arlene Zimmerman of Pennsylvania; and Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and Janessa.

Rick and LaVae Koehn and boys, John Steiner, and Tim Davis were guests of Roy and Nadine Davis on Thanksgiving Day. Randall Steiner of Buchner, Mo., was an additional supper guest.

Mark and Kris Wiebe and family visited her mother, Sharon Redger, on Nov. 24 and 25. Kayla Wiebe was home for the weekend from Pryor, Okla., where she teaches.

Arden and Judy Wiebe and family of Texhoma, Texas, spend the weekend with Ken and Sandy Wiebe. Because of illness, the Doyle Wiebe family was not able to join them for a family dinner.

Sam and Arlene Zimmerman of Pennsylvania were houseguests of the Ken Wiebes on Thanksgiving Day.

Warren and Anita Unruh, Nathan, Kyle, and Jenna attended the Ed Funk family gathering on the afternoon of Nov. 26. All enjoyed supper together at the Trinity Church fellowship hall.

Thanksgiving Day dinner guests of Larry and Wanda Koehn were Travis and Sharon Koehn and family; Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and family; Jessie Unruh; Lena Koehn and Margie Jantz, both of Newton; and Leonard and Dianne Peachey. Kendall and Susie Wiebe and Abigail; Jason and Sheri Wiebe and family; Heath and Tannis Dirks; and Jessie Unruh were guests on Nov. 27.

Lola Redger joined the rest of her family at the home of Ray Redger in Newton for a Thanksgiving dinner. Verla Redger of Hillsboro also was a guest.

The Warren Unruh family and Damian Ratzlaff family enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Jerry and Vi Dalke. They also celebrated Kyle Unruh’s birthday.

Supper guests of Harry and Sheryl Rhodes on Nov. 26 were Larry and Wanda Koehn, Keala Smith, and her parents, Stan and Eileen Smith.

Gene and Jaraine Redger of Newton hosted Thanksgiving dinner for their family.

Ransom and Lillian Wiebe and Jason and Sheri Wiebe and family went to Hesston on Nov. 26 for the wedding reception of Julie Unruh and Gean Marc Hauss. Julie is the daughter of Willard Unruh. The couple was recently married in France and make their home in Seattle, Wash.

Ron and Dora Unruh hosted a belated family Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 27. Guests were Jim and Brenda Enns; Lon and Deb Hiebert and Matt; Mark and Barb Unruh; Warren and Anita Unruh, Nathan, Kyle, and Jenna; David Enns, Alia, Brandi, Elizabeth, Sara, Lexi, and Jacob; Katelin Unruh; Sarah Unruh, Hesston; and Josh Hendricks, Wamego. They also celebrated Kyle’s birthday.

Mitch and Carol Unruh and family, Jarold and Rhonda Koehn and family, and Marlin and Bethany Wiebe were dinner guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe on Nov. 27.

Lola Redger, accompanied by Lisa, went to Carnegie, Okla. on Nov. 25 to attend the alumni reunion of the former Alden High School on Nov. 26. She was a houseguest of her brother, Vernon Nightingale and his wife, Carol.

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