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NORTHWEST OF DURHAM: Wiebes hold fundraiser

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Fifteen guests from the Inman, Windom, Moundridge and Galva areas attended a fundraiser supper for Moundridge Manor on Friday evening at the home of Clayton and Betty Wiebe.

Frank and Karen Unruh from California arrived at the home of their parents Ransom and Lillian Wiebe and were their houseguests until Oct. 17. They also spent time with their daughter Rebecca and Bryan Thomas and family.

On Oct. 12, the entire Wiebe family gathered at the home of Jason and Sheri Wiebe for supper.

Frank and Karen, Ransom and Lillian, Jasper and Joni Zeiset and Kelton, Bryan and Rebecca Thomas and family, and Mark and Kris Wiebe, Karalee, and Luke got together Friday evening for supper.

Sunday dinner guests at the Merlin Wiebe home were Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Frank and Karen Unruh, and Rebecca Thomas and children. The Unruhs left on Monday to visit their son in Pennsylvania.

Sunday dinner guests in the home of Clayton and Betty Wiebe were Katie Schmidt, Katelyn Unruh, Tonja Wiebe, Doyle and Kara Wiebe and family, and Marcel and Wendy Unruh and family.

Guests that went to the wedding of Merri Lyn Wedel, daughter of Howard and Glenda Wedel, to Corwin Peachy at Moundridge on Sunday included the Harry Rhodes family, Darrel Rhodes family, Wendell and Linda Wedel, and Warren and Jane Unruh.

Oct. 9 dinner guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe were Mark and Kris Wiebe, Karlee and Luke, Titus and Chelsea Koehn and Kingston, and Doug and Starla Koehn and Alysa.

Mark and Kris Wiebe, Karlee, and Luke left Sunday for Idaho. On the way, they had dinner with Lance Wiebe and Levi in Nebraska.

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