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Nothing keeps family from enjoying county

News editor

Bad luck began for Nicole Peak and her family’s first camping trip to Marion Reservoir not long after they left Wichita this weekend.

On their way to the reservoir, they suffered a flat tire. Then changing the tire became an even bigger hassle when the family’s jack broke.

The Peaks eventually got back on the road and reached the reservoir without further setbacks, but it wasn’t the end of the bad news.

“As soon as we parked, the park rangers came by and told us the (blue-green algae) bloom had started,” Peak said Saturday.

She had scouted out the reservoir the weekend before, when it was clear of any algae warning, although rangers cautioned her one might happen.

“It’s kind of a bummer,” she said. “We were really looking forward to swimming.”

Not all was lost, however — the family found a shady campsite near a playground … then found the playground was swarming with bees. Even with a flat tire, beaches closed because of algae, and bees making the playground inaccessible, Peak said she and her family were enjoying the stay and thought the facilities were fantastic.

“It’s just really nice here,” she said. Peak plans to return to Marion Reservoir in the future, hopefully when it is clear of algae, the playground is free of bees, and her tires are in better condition.

Last modified July 2, 2012