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Odor problem returns to courthouse

Treated for mold in 2007

Staff writer

Intermittent odor problems have returned to the basement of Marion County Courthouse, and commissioners are seeking bids to tear up tile in a break room to look for the source.

No one has pinpointed the source of the odor, Deputy County Clerk Tina Spencer said. It is mostly in the break room and appraiser’s office, but the odor comes and goes.

The odor also changes. Sometimes it smells like a musty old building. Other times it is more offensive, Spencer said.

Commission Chairman Dan Holub said humidity seemed to affect the odor.

The southwest area of the courthouse basement had water intrusion and mold problems in 2007, Holub said. After the mold was cleaned up, efforts to waterproof the basement were made.

Air quality inspectors checked the basement after the waterproofing and didn’t find any mold problems, Spencer said.

Last modified July 1, 2009