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Off the record: Keep both hands on the wheel

Have you ever wondered how one shoe or a sock ends up on highways? My better half and I were taking one of our weekend excursions when we saw one sneaker on the highway. How does that happen? Was it being worn at the time? Wouldn’t a person miss the shoe? Maybe it blew off the back of a pickup or something. I don’t know. It remains a mystery.

Another anomaly is racing to a stop light or stop sign. Drivers know there’s a stop sign at the corner. Why race to it just to slam on the brakes? It’s the same way with a stop light. Drivers know it’s going to turn red after it turns yellow. Does that mean to floor it to the intersection? It’s not necessarily an age thing. I’ve seen middle-aged drivers do the same thing, usually talking or texting on a cell phone and eating a bowl of chili.

Why can’t people just drive? Why do they have to be multi-tasking the entire time? We even observed a younger driver with both hands around a cheeseburger, speeding around us on the highway. What?!? How was she driving? With her knees? Her feet?

State statistics show a decrease in auto crashes but I don’t see how that’s possible. Look at other drivers when you’re driving. How many of them are doing other things? How many have on their seat belts?

I guess that’s why the rest of us wear our seat belts and try to pay attention so we can watch out for those who don’t.

— susan berg

Last modified Feb. 18, 2009