According to weekend reports:


Battery, criminal damage

Yvette Collier, 54, Marion, reported that a family member hit her in a rude, insulting, or angry manner at 4:39 p.m. July 13 in the 300 block of Main St. in Lehigh and damaged her cell phone, valued at $150.



Clayton Lingenfelter, 18, Hillsboro reported that five or six people had ambushed him, hit him in the face, and kicked him in the ribs at while he was walking in the 200 block of S. Main St. 11:15 p.m. July 15. He did not provide police with any suspect information.



Several missing street signs from the intersections of Hudson and Cedar Sts., 2nd and Miller Sts., 2nd and Miller Sts., 2nd and Willard Sts., Denver and Coble Sts., and Lincoln and Birch Sts. were reported missing July 25. Police were aware of the missing signs. Signs were located in Hillsboro. A suspect has been identified.

Last modified Aug. 3, 2016