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Opinions on dividing 1A are split

Basketball, volleyball, scholars’ bowl affected

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Beginning fall 2010, Centre and Goessel will have less competition for state championships in basketball, volleyball, and scholars’ bowl.

But not everybody is happy about it.

Kansas State High School Activities Association Class 1A members voted May 1 to separate the class into two divisions for those activities.

GHS activities director Justin Coup did not support the change. He said it could water down the experience of competing at state.

Another concern was increased travel for substate games. He also questioned why activities like track, golf, and cross country were not divided.

Centre voted in favor of the change because it will improve equality in 1A compared to larger classes, Principal Nadine Smith said.

“We feel like it’s a positive move for the state,” she said.

“As far as we go here at Centre, we look at it as a new challenge or opportunity that could be for the best,” CHS activities director Greg Wyatt said. “It will not affect our scheduling of games.”

Division I will consist of half the schools, those with larger enrollment. Division II will consist of the half with lower enrollment. There already are two divisions for eight-man football.

Based on 2008-09 enrollment, Goessel would compete in Division I, and Centre in Division II, KSHSAA executive director Gary Musselman said. Each would be among the larger schools in their divisions.

The plan originated with the Heart of the Plains League, west of Wichita, Musselman said. The proposal was in the works for about two years.

Goessel supported a different proposal, which would have moved the 16 largest 4A teams into 5A. The 16 largest teams in each lower division would have moved up a division, Coup said.

One benefit of the change, Coup said, is that more students will compete at state.

Last modified June 24, 2009