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Passion for tourism

It was relatively quiet this past week. I figured someone would be calling me with choice words or wanting to burn down the building after the editorial I wrote about the county tourism group.

I heard a handful of comments about it, most agreeing with the majority of what I wrote.

The purpose of the editorial was to spark comments and discussion. I wanted those involved with tourism efforts and those who want to become involved to become passionate about it.

We’ve got it in us. I’ve seen it at ball games, school board meetings, and when we were building a house for a wounded soldier.

We are passionate people, or at least we can be.

Most of the discussions at monthly Marion County Economic Development Council meetings weren’t passionate. They were people trying to make a point.

That’s not passion.

Passion is not letting anything or anyone stop us from achieving our goals. By the same token, we don’t plow down those in our way but convince them to join us in our endeavors.

That’s true community passion.

This lack of passion has kept some communities from moving forward and has held some of us back.

Find that spark, nurture it, and share it. And most of all, let’s move forward.

— susan berg

Last modified June 2, 2010