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2nd grade

Mallory Harris’s class

Hi I am 7 years old. I have been good. I want a videogame and minecraft dungeons. I also want a swing set at my mom’s house. Thank you santa.


My name is armanii rain brown an dfor Christmas I want world peace love all over homeless to be happy and everyone to have a merry Christmas and many other things. Also I’ve been very good.


Can I please have a notebook it was purple. Pudy high heals slime squoosheaspopitsa octopus stufypingk and purpl


My name is Levi Chapman. I am 7 years old. I have been very good this year. I want a dirt bike.


My name is KayBre Callaway I am 8 years old. I have been very good this year I want hot clas and los uvbos and hot shoos to. Slim I love you santa

fum Kaybre

I have bin good. I am 7 and a haft. I rille wat a fijitgac a tabllitcas + notboock + a noocatajamus. Huflle it is not to much.

Torri Mokvicplles and thac you

My name is Case Ents. I am in 2st. I want snow.


I want Spectra the Beanie Boo Dragon.


You or cined to us. I want a fon pies. You or nise to us. Thaceoowfrbeeghir. ifonplys.


Im 7 and a haf. I wish to have a snow glove for Christmas. and a holly jolly Christmas to you Santa and to you miss clause. A figit pack would be lovely.

(And a dino for my brother to. Marry Christmas, Santa.)

Harper Foth

My name is Haiden M. I am 7. I hav ben Good. I want a red goo jitzu Dino X-Ray for Christmas. Thank you, santa.


My name is VeydaMakovec and my age is 7 and I have been good and what I really want for Christmas is a Polaroid camera and a big box of fidgets


My name is Kymbree I am 7 years old. I would like an iphone and build-a-bear clothes.


Julian Swain, I am 8. I’ve been good for 12 years. I want a train set for Christmas. I wish for snow. I will give carrots for the reindeer.


My name is Emma Partridge. I am 8. My family has been good this year. And their names are Warren, momllie, Kala, Cody, Jake, Luke, and me.


My name is William McSwan. I would like a toy train.


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