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PEABODY-BURNS: Dual athletes serve semi-daily matches

Staff writer

Peabody-Burns volleyball practice Friday was cut short by the cheerleaders — six out of ten members of the team — leaving early to support the school’s football team at Little River.

“Half of the team is the entire cheer team,” four-year volleyball coach Rachel Winter said. “In a small school, you’ve got to do it all.”

The cheerleaders’ absence barely dampened the energy in the remaining four girls when they practiced spiking and serving.

In their first invitational tournament Aug. 28, the Lady Warriors placed fifth and took three quarters of their games to a third set. Four of the girls are returning starters, showing the other six the ropes.

Upcoming volleyball tournaments are within days of each other, with the girls playing four to six matches each tournament. Winter said “hardcore” conditioning during practice was designed to build stamina.

The team plans to continue building on past successes. Their win-loss record was 3 to 25 last year.

“There’s good leadership in the juniors and seniors, and they want to teach that in the underclassmen,” she said.

Last modified Sept. 9, 2021