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Municipal court

Robert Masem, no headlights and driving with an expired license; $210.

Robert A. Varney, speed; $190.

Pau Hau Siam, speed; $175.

Christina I. Moreno, speed; $270.

Martha K. Tillery, five counts dog-at-large; $295.

Abraham J.C. Eldridge, speed; $185.

Lisa J. Erickson, speed; $175.

Heather A. Dunnahoo, battery; $335.

Marguarete C. Oneil, speed; $285.

John L. Chizek, failure to yield at stop or yield sign; $135.

David E. Beckner, no dog tags or rabies vaccinations; $125.

Mark S. Mcanulty, speed; $165.

Jason Aaron Saltkill, disobeying traffic control device; $165.

Kenneth W. Rogers, disobeying traffic control device; $160.

Curtis Hicks, speed; $585.

Raj K. Goel, speed; $265.

Last modified July 28, 2011