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Peabody municial court

Tammy Britton, Peabody, city tag, $85.

Joe Brundase, Peabody, city tag, $100.

Marla J. Derstein, Lincoln, Mo., speeding (71/55), $205.

Junior R. Edmondson, Peabody, purchase or possession of cigarettes or tobacco products by a minor, $10.

Andrew H. Faunce, Burns, failure to yield at a stop sign or yield sign, $165.

Emily File, Hutchinson, speeding (71/55), $205.

Laverna Jean Fowler, Peabody, cruelty to animals, $493.13.

Carla A. Glenn, Peabody, city tag, $100.

Timothy W. Hatch, Peabody, city tag, $100.

Lewis R. Litton, Peabody, living in a recreational vehicle without a permit, $160.

Zachary M. Martens, Olathe, speeding (71/55), $205.

Tiffany Miler, Peabody, driver’s license (expired), $235.

Heather M. Miles, Peabody, two counts city tag, $115.

Beth Peter, Peabody, city tag, $100.

William N. Reali, Wichita, speeding (70/55), $185.

Bryan M. Schubert, Wichita, speeding (67/55), $136.

Gary L. Sheffler, Peabody, two counts city tag, $115.

Rosaline A. Till, Bishop, Texas, two counts failure to yield at a stop sign or yield sign, $203.

Jake Wynn, Peabody, motor vehicle liability insurance and racing on highways, $435.

Last modified June 7, 2012