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PEABODY: Third grade - Cindy Ziesemer

3rd grade

Taught by Cindy Ziesemer

Dear Santa,

I hope I get $100 for Christmas or new chokers for Christmas. I will wrap presents and give them to my family. I wish Christmas was every day of the year. I hope for a great Christmas. People must be so happy to have Christmas every year. I hope people love their presents. CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST!!


Dear Santa,

I would like to get a skateboard and some toy cars and some Nerf guns. I hope I see my mom. I will give your raindeer some carrots. I will give you a snack too.


Dear Santa,

I hope that you have safe travels to the USA, please be careful. I would like to get a Harry Potter lego set please. I would like to give Case a small lego set.


Dear Santa,

I hope that this year the sick get presents from you like you always do. I would like to get some more toy cows and cars. I would like to give some of my old toys to someone that may like them.


Dear Santa,

I hope that you have a good flight to the USA. I would like to get a nerf gun and 2 PS5s.  I want to give one to charity. I’d also like some new Hot Wheels, a 50 pack. 


Dear Santa,

To Father Christmas: I hope your steeds can ride mask free and you don’t get the corona PLEASE! I don’t say that so I get presents but because there are people out there who can’t afford presents and that is why me and my mom will buy toys for those people and by the way all I want is a sketch pad, pens and Pokémon cards!

I wish all the people out there that can’t afford presents get some this year. And don’t say that I just want presents for me. The best part of Christmas is seeing my cousins. :) I would like to give Barbies and trolls to the girls and skate boards and Game Boys to the boys.

Izzy :)

Dear Santa,

I hope … Rudolph’s nose is glowing on Christmas night. I would like to get ...a couple of barbies, ten books. I would like to give… some clothes to homeless people.


Dear Santa,

This year I hope the reindeer have a good time flying.  I would like to get a PS 5 and some waterproof tape. I want to waterproof my scooter. I would like to give a lot of my old toys and clothes to anybody who would want or need some.


Dear Santa,

I hope you, your reindeer and your elfs are doing just fine. I would like to get a nerf sniper rifle. I would like to give old socks that dont fit anymore. Sincerely, your favorite 3rd grader, 


Dear Santa,

I hope to have a happy New Year, and I hope my dad doesn’t have to work so hard. I would like to have more rare coins for my coin collections. I would like to have a liberty Dollar and I do not want to wear masks. To give time to the world. Ho Ho.


Dear Santa,

I would like a cat and some farm toys and a tool box. I will give my old toys away to kids who need some. I hope I can move to a farm because if I live on a farm I can have animals like sheep, cows, horses, dogs and cats. It would be fun because I love animals, and plus I could drive farther with a go-cart. And if we get a 4 wheeler I can race my brother with the go-cart.


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