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Permits for new homes increase

Staff writer

Fifteen new house permits were issued by the county in 2014, compared with 12 in 2013 and 8 in 2012.

According to Marion County Planning and Zoning Director Tonya Richards, applicants have one year from the time the permit is granted to finish the project. An extension may be granted upon request.

One permit was granted for residential quarters in a shed and three were granted for additions.

Richards said the county has no official building code but most contractors build to general code standards. Many permits are granted to people who apply for reimbursement of property taxes under the county revitalization program. The county appraiser conducts required inspections as the project progresses.

The permits were issued to:

  • Dave Balzer, 951 Chisholm.
  • Brian and Janet Klenda, 1762 Limestone.
  • Andrew Hermstein, 984 Chisholm.
  • Larry Cooper, 1252 Limestone.
  • Van and Linda Peters, 716 180th.
  • Donald Reimer, 229 170th.
  • John Hajek, 1626 320th.
  • Kyle Funk, 329 150th.
  • Eric Unruh, 521 160th.
  • Fred Silhan, 2059 K-15.
  • Jason Wiebe, 2932 Goldenrod.
  • Eric Carlson, 2581 290th.
  • Gary Duerksen, 2217 Chisholm.
  • Carmeron Bowlin, 755 Nighthawk.
  • Glen Ensz, 878 130th.

Last modified Jan. 15, 2015