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Law enforcement agencies provided these reports of their activities this past week. Routine activities such as patrols, inspections, training, report-writing, and assistance to other agencies are excluded. Dates may reflect starting or ending dates of officers’ shifts rather than actual dates of occurrence.


Oct. 17 — A dog running free in the 200 block of N. Jefferson St. was returned to its owner’s yard. Police stood by during a mental health evaluation at Hillsboro Community Hospital.

Oct. 18 — Drivers in the 900 block of E. D St. and at Date and D Sts. were warned for speeding.

Oct. 19 — A fender-bender in front of Dale’s Supermarket was investigated. A driver in the 300 block of N. Ash St. was warned about an equipment violation. A driver at US-56 and Orchard Dr. was warning for speeding. The welfare of a resident of the 100 block of N. Washington St. was checked.

Thursday — A driver at US-56 and Orchard Dr. was ticketed for having an illegal license plate and no liability insurance. Another driver was warned for speeding in the 600 block of S. Ash St. Police provides an independent investigation after a deputy sheriff hit a deer with his partol vehicle on Nighthawk Rd.

Friday — The welfare of a resident of the 300 block of N. Ash St. was checked.

Saturday — Evaluation by ambulance attendants was requested after police were asked to check the welfare of a resident of the 400 block of N. Ash St. Several dogs running free eluded capture. Graffiti was found on pavement in the 200 block of N. Lincoln St. A parking complaint was investigated in the 300 block of S. Washington St. Police assisted a resident with a property dispute.

Sunday — A dog reported to be loose in the 200 block of S. Adams St. was found to be on its owners’ property. Police met with a resident regarding a child custody issue that proved to be a civil matter.


Police reported making a total of 11 traffic stops during the week.

Oct. 17 — Multiple 911 calls were received because of a power failure, but no actual emergencies existed. The owner of a dog running free was located, and the dog returned home.

Oct. 18 — A possible scam was investigated. An unwanted visitor at a business on Industrial St. was warned against trespassing.

Oct. 19 — Traffic control was provided after railroad crossing arms malfunctioned. Police determined that no crime had been committed after being asked to investigate damage to property.

Thursday — At the request of Hillsboro police, the department’s drug-sniffing dog was deployed at a traffic stop in Hillsboro.

Friday — A possible scam in the 400 block of W. Santa Fe St. was investigated.

Saturday — A driver at US-56 and Industrial St. was ticketed for going 80 mph in a 65-mph zone. A lost cell phone was turned in and returned to its owner.

Sunday — A driver at US-56 and Industrial St. was ticketed for passing in a no-passing zone.

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