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Incident Report


July 27: Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 300 block of N. Ash St. Charges are pending against an 18-year-old female and a 21-year-old Hillsboro male.

July 28: Police checked on suspicious activity, took a report of two juveniles fighting, and responded to a report of a robbery in progress in the 300 block of N. Ash St. Upon investigation, officers discovered the incident to be a domestic disturbance and arrested a 21 year-old man for on charges of alleged battery.

July 29: Police responded to a child custody dispute in which parents who had shared custody of a child both allegedly wanted immediate custody. Officers also investigated an unattended death, dealt with an unruly juvenile, and took a report of a stolen cell phone. The owner later located the phone which had been lost.

July 30: Officers spoke with people who had dropped tree branches in the street, took a report of juveniles creating disturbance at city hall, and took a noise complaint in which an apartment was playing a video game and yelling at the screen.

July 31: Police responded to a dog complaint, a non-injury accident, and a property dispute between a Lehigh woman and a homeless man. Charges are pending against two Hillsboro juveniles who allegedly trespassed at an apartment complex from which they were banned. Officers also took a trespass complaint at the library in which a 16-year-old boy allegedly returned to the property after library officials banned him. Police took a report of marijuana growing in the back yard of a residence in the 200 block of N. Lincoln St. Upon investigation, several small plants were discovered and removed. Police reports said plants appeared to be uncultivated and that the property occupant reported the plants. Police also took a harassment complaint in which a 16-year-old boy had allegedly harassed several people. Officers located the juvenile and advised him that he was not allowed back onto the property. Police also took a report of a stolen lime-green bicycle and responded to a report of suspicious activity in Willow Glen.

Aug. 1: Officers took a dog complaint at the swimming pool, and checked on suspicious activity.

Aug. 2: Police took a report of a suspicious vehicle in Hillsboro Heights, responded to a non-injury accident, and assisted a person whose wheelchair was stuck in mud.

Aug. 3: Officers took several reports of an out-of-control juvenile in the 300 block of N. Birch St. Upon investigation, officers arrested a 14-year-old for criminal damage to property and assault. The juvenile was transported to juvenile intake in Marion.

Aug. 4: Officers took a harassment complaint, a report of suspicious vehicle in Willow Glen, and responded to a non-injury accident in which there was minor damage and no report was taken. Charges are pending in an assault complaint in which two juveniles were involved in a physical altercation. Police also took a report of an intoxicated subject who was allegedly knocking on the back door of a residence.

Aug 5: Police responded to reports of a suicidal person on a roof, a disorderly juvenile, and a confrontation that involved two juveniles.

Aug 6: Police responded to a report of an assault involving a 14-year-old Hillsboro juvenile who allegedly assaulted another juvenile with a knife. The 14-year-old was arrested for aggravated assault and transported to juvenile intake.

Thursday: Officers took a damage complaint at the sports complex in which a window was broken by a rock thrown from a mower. Police also returned lost property, took a report of suspicious activity, and took a damage complaint at city hall in which glass was broken by a weed trimmer.

Friday: Police took a damage complaint, instructed a drug identification class at Tabor College, and returned lost property. Trespass charges are pending after officers took a report of two juveniles involved in a physical altercation.

Saturday: Officers took a traffic complaint and trespass complaint. Charges are pending against a 16-year-old boy who trespassed in the 100 block of N. Jefferson.


Aug. 5: Police worked a child-in-need-of-care case involving two juveniles, who were taken from the home. The investigation is closed and the case turned over to the Marion County Attorney. A report of theft has been solved and charges are pending. An information report was filed about an incident that took place Aug. 1 involving an unattended child.

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