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Incident reports

Hillsboro Police

Oct. 20: Police picked up an abandoned bicycle, took a report of a disorderly couple at a business, and addressed an assault complaint in which the officer discovered it was a verbal confrontation between an adult and a juvenile.

Oct. 21: Officers took a report of a subject who was receiving a nuisance of phone calls, checked on suspicious activity, performed a welfare check, and took a report of a protection from abuse order violation. Police also seized firearms in the 500 block of East First St. The firearms were taken after a report of domestic violence.

Oct. 22: Police took reports of damaged fire hydrant, a sick animal, and a theft at Tabor College.

Oct. 23: Officers assisted a subject with a protection from abuse order.

Oct. 24: Police took a report of a domestic disturbance in which Carlos Gomez Garcia was arrested on a charge of domestic battery. Officers also took reports of a suspicious person, an adult purchasing tobacco for minors, and returned a lost package to its owner.

Oct. 25: Officers took a report of two suspicious people driving down alleys on the west side of town, checked on suspicious activity, took a parking complaint, and addressed a minor traffic accident.

Oct. 26: Police took a report of suspicious activity and addressed a minor traffic accident, both occurred at the sports complex. Officers also took a report of a protection from abuse order violation.

marion police

Oct. 11: Police responded to a commercial hold-up alarm; everything was found to be OK and took a report of a possible rape, but found it to be in the county; Marion County Sheriffs are investigating. Officers took a report of a dilapidated property.

Oct. 12: Officers picked up a dog and took it to Animal Health Center and took a report of reckless driver on U.S. 56. Police received a key found on Main St. from a resident and investigated possible drug activity. Police warned several kids about curfew violation on Main St. and at Central Park.

Oct. 13: Police assisted Peabody police with a domestic disturbance.

Oct. 14: Police took a report of criminal damage to property where a door was kicked in; police searched the building and found it to be clear. Police assisted with train that had mechanical problems and blocked Main St. and Santa Fe St. for about 45 minutes, and found a woman trying to stay at Central Park and took her to a motel.

Oct. 15: Police assisted Marion County Sheriffs on a burglary, theft, and criminal damage call.

Oct. 16: Officers took a report of possible animal abuse on S. Cedar St.

Oct. 17: Officers responded to an opossum in a yard and conducted extra patrol on home that reported intruder the morning before.

Oct. 18: Police assisted Marion EMS with a fallen resident; resident was transported to St. Luke Hospital. Police took a report of a possible aggravated burglary of a residence, assisted Marion County Jail with a disruptive inmate, and investigated a suspicious vehicle.

Oct. 19: Officers responded to a non-injury accident of a car vs. deer.

Oct. 20: Officers took a report of a commercial alarm; found everything to be OK. Police responded to a driver having a medical issue; the driver refused EMS transport. Police responded to a domestic argument; they transported the woman’s boyfriend to a motel.

Oct. 21: Police assisted Marion County Sheriff’s officers with a rollover accident.

Oct. 22: Police responded to a report of a lost dog, and discovered the dogs had not been vaccinated since 2007, then investigated a possible animal cruelty case.

Oct. 23: Officers took reports on burglary, theft, and criminal trespassing.

Oct. 24: Officers gave a Red Ribbon Week presentation at Marion Elementary School, and took a suspicious vehicle and person report. Police responded to suspicious juvenile activity around Marion High School, everything found to be OK. Officers stopped by a day care to talk to kids about safety and let them look inside the patrol car; They earned MPD junior officer badges.


Oct. 21: Police took a report of violation from a protection-from-abuse order. A report was taken of a verbal dispute.

Oct. 23: Christopher Thomas was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license.

Oct. 24: Alan Hatton, Peabody, was arrested and charged with driving while his license was revoked. Officers provided an information report on an outside assist to Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

Oct. 27: Officers took reports of theft, burglary, and phone harassment.

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