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incident reports

Hillsboro police

Nov. 17: Officers took a report of suspicious activity and assisted the Kansas Department of Revenue with and investigation.

Nov. 18: Police took reports of a missing bicycle, smoke in a residence, and a reckless driving complaint in the fair grounds. Officers also addressed a property dispute at Hillsboro Heights.

Nov. 19: Police responded to reports of an out of control juvenile, suspicious activity, and a protection from abuse violation. Officers also returned lost property and addressed a parking complaint.

Nov. 20: Officers responded to a report of social media harassment and trespass complaint in which a Tampa woman was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail. Officers also addressed a 911 disconnect and took a report from a woman who said someone had placed water in her fuel tank while she was parked in a Tabor parking lot.

Nov. 21: Police took a report of a suspicious vehicle.

Nov. 22: Officers performed a civil standby, recovered an abandoned bicycle, took a parking complaint, and responded to a minor traffic accident in which no report was required.

Nov. 23: Police responded to a call from a woman who requested assistance with placement in a mental health facility.

Nov. 24: Officers took a dog complaint and a parking complaint, and checked on suspicious activity.

Nov. 25: Police checked on two suspicious people on the corner of First and Birch Sts.

Nov. 26: Officers took a harassment complaint and a dog complaint. Police also took a report of an altercation between two juveniles.

Nov. 27: Police provided a funeral escort, took a parking complaint, and served civil process for the city.

Thursday: Officers took reports of a reckless driver and a verbal confrontation between two juveniles.

Friday: Police provided a funeral escort, took a report of two disorderly juveniles, and took a report of a missing cell phone.

Saturday: Officers performed a civil standby, took and dog complaint, and addressed a report of two juveniles throwing trash in the street.


Nov. 17: Officers completed an information report and filed a report on Anthony Buchanen, Peabody, on a charge of driving with an illegal tag.

Nov. 22: Carey Murdock was charged with driving with an expired tag and no proof of insurance. Officers arrested Kyle Fistler, 21, Peabody and charged him with driving while suspended. Police assisted with a dependent adult situation. The theft of a two-wheel trailer valued at $1,500 was reported and is under investigation.

Nov. 23: A report was taken of a burglary, theft, and theft of services at 703 West 8th St., Lot C. An investigation into the incident found it was a civil matter.

Nov. 24: Officers took a report of criminal trespass and a complaint was generated for Marion County District Court for criminal trespass against a suspect.

Nov. 26: Roy Scott Lee was arrested and charged for driving with an expired license. An individual at 703 West 8th St., Lot C, attempted to report a burglary and theft. The case was found to be a civil matter. Officers completed a U.S. Military records check.

Friday: Police assisted a guardian with taking a subject to a medical emergency room for medical evaluation. Officers took a report of criminal damage to property (a motor vehicle) at the Coneburg Inn. Officers responded to a domestic violence situation in the early morning hours. The investigation is ongoing.

Saturday: Police took a report of criminal damage to property — BCI Allegiance Inc. was the victim of the damage. Police assisted Marion County Sheriff’s officers with an investigation of suspicious activity in the early morning hours.

Sunday: Police took a report of burglary and theft; the case is open at this time and is under investigation.

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