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Incident reports

Hillsboro police

Jan. 26: Officers took a dog complaint, a report of a reckless driver, and checked on suspicious activity.

Jan. 27: Police responded to a report of a verbal argument between a mother and son. Officers also took a disturbance complaint in which a motorist had been driving to a business and yelling profanities at employees.

Jan. 29: Police took a traffic complaint.

Thursday: Police took a report of illegal dumping at the city tree dump.

Friday: An officer delivered ultraviolet lights to several local businesses. Businesses use the lights to check for false identification. Police also took a dog complaint and a traffic complaint.

Saturday: Officers checked on suspicious activity downtown.

marion police

Jan. 17: Officers responded to Oasis twice for out-of-control juveniles and Casey’s for a gas skip.

Jan. 18: Police took a report of possible criminal damage to property, responded to a commercial bank alarm at Central National Bank, everything was found to be OK. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance. Officers arrested Austin Pederson on suspicion of criminal damage to property and assault. Police arrested Kordell Harding, Kendall Harding, and three juveniles in suspicion of minor in consumption and transporting alcohol in an open container.

Jan. 19: Officers responded to a house fire.

Jan. 21: Police took a complaint at Marion Elementary School of a parent driving recklessly and took a report of a possible suicidal juvenile at Marion Middle School. Police took a report of someone driving an ATV in the industrial park, but was unable to locate the resident.

Jan. 22: Officers responded to Oasis for an out-of-control juvenile; the juvenile was arrested for disorderly conduct. Officers responded to a possible battery of a 16-year-old woman.

Jan. 23: Police took a report of reckless driving and a possible scam. Officers responded to suspicious activity near Lincoln and Main Sts.

Jan. 24: Officers spoke to individuals found riding ATVs in a field and warned them for trespassing and took a report of a traffic accident.

Jan. 25: Police issued a verbal warning to a resident about riding an ATV on the street.

Jan. 27: Police took a report of possible criminal trespass.


Jan. 28: Police took reports of attempted theft of two motor vehicles in the downtown area during the night. Police provided a military records check. A record check was provided for the Kansas court system.

Jan. 29: Police took a report of attempted theft of a motor vehicle in the downtown area during the night.

Thursday: Officers arrested Nehemiah Violett of Newton on a Peabody Municipal Court warrant. Jeff Madsen of Peabody was arrested on a Harvey County District Court warrant. Police assisted with a civil issue.

Friday: Jennifer Reagan Henderson of Peabody was cited for driving while suspended. Police provided an assist to the Newton Police Department. Police worked two non-injury accidents involving a juvenile driver at the corner of Third and Walnut Sts.

Sunday: Officers took a report of a dog bite at 501 N. Maple St. The case is under investigation.

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