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Incident reports

Hillsboro police

April 20: Officers took a harassment complaint and investigated a gas skip.

April 21: Police assisted the city safety committee with safety inspections, took a reckless driving complaint, and a report of suspicious activity. Officers also took complaints of harassment, traffic, and a report of a possible case of fraud involving the theft of estate money. Police also responded to a report of an intoxicated disorderly person in which Robert McNabb, 51, of McPherson was arrested on several outstanding warrants.

April 22: Officers issued warning to several people riding bicycles at night without proper lighting. Police also took a noise complaint.

April 23: Officers destroyed a skunk in the 100 block of S. Date St.

Thursday: All police radars were recertified.

Friday: Police provided a funeral escort, recovered a stolen bicycle, and arrested Allan Cochran on warrants.

marion police

April 11: Officers responded to a skunk on Main St, a non-injury accident, an open fire in a backyard, and a vehicle fire that was put out by neighbors.

April 12: Police responded to an injury accident in the county and took a report of fireworks on S. Lincoln St. Police arrested Bryant Gutsch of Marion on charges of driving under the influence, after transporting him to jail where he reportedly acted disorderly.

April 13: Police took a call from a resident who was a victim of a recent theft and spoke with a resident about an altercation with another resident.

April 14: Officers took reports of a burglary, theft, and possible harassment.

April 15: Police arrested Jeff Miller of Marion on suspicion of domestic battery and rape; he was booked into the jail on a charge of domestic battery. Police arrested Derek Scheuerman and James Williams of Marion on suspicion of domestic battery. Officers responded to a subject parked in the middle of U.S. 56, the person was delusional and needed medical assistance.

April 16: Police returned stolen property back to a resident and removed debris from Main St. and Kellison St. because of gusty winds.

April 18: Officers took complaints of trash in a yard and noise at Eastmoor Church. Police took a report of people cutting though the parking lot of Marion Manufacturing.

April 19: Officers responded to a suspicious person on U.S. 56, took a report of a gas skip at Ampride, and took a call of juveniles trespassing.

April 21: During a traffic stop, Luis Perez was arrested for a Marion County Warrant. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance.

April 22: Police assisted Marion ambulance and responded to a non-injury accident.

April 24: Officers assisted Marion ambulance and responded to an out of control child at Oasis.


April 15: Officers took an information report from a routine traffic stop.

April 16: Police opened a civil assistance case that is ongoing.

April 22: Michael Strotkamp, Peabody, was arrested on a charge of failure to appear in Peabody Municipal Court. An information report was taken on a burglary and theft incident.

Thursday: Police opened a case of a child in need of care.

Friday: A trespassing report was taken.

Sunday: Officers assisted an elderly motorist who was stopped on the railroad tracks.

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