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incident reports


Oct. 19: Police assisted with a fire alarm at Tabor College, took a dog complaint, and checked an abandoned vehicle at US-56 and Jade Rd.

Oct. 20: Officers collected evidence and transported it to the police department, fingerprinted a person for employment, and checked on suspicious activity.

Oct. 21: Police picked up an abandoned bicycle, took a trespass complaint, and presented military grade rifles to the State of Kansas L.E.S.O. for a firearm audit.

Oct. 22: Officers assisted two stranded people on US-56 and took a report of someone tampering with a garage door.

Thursday: Officers took a burglary report, responded to a panic alarm at Briarwood, and returned lost property.

Friday: Police attended I.D. and ABC law training, provided security during the high school football game, and responded to a 911 disconnect.

Saturday: Officers issued a warning to a person who was attaching signs to utility posts, took one traffic and two reckless driver complaints, and responded to a report of assault. Police also responded to a damage to property complaint in which it appeared that someone had attempted to force entry into a garage.


Oct. 13: Officers responded to a dog-at-large call, found the dog, and took the dog to Animal Health Center when the owner could not be located. Officers also performed a VIN inspection, patrolled the city, performed business checks, and worked on reports.

Oct. 14: Officers patrolled school zones, followed up on security footage at Casey’s, followed up on a theft investigation, issued verbal warnings for illegal parking in school zones, and performed two VIN inspections.

Oct. 15: Officers assisted Marion County sheriff with locating a missing juvenile, conducted case follow-up, attended district court, and filed cases.

Oct. 16: While checking suspicious activity on N. Coble St., officers discovered a known drug offender leaving the area of Hett’s Construction, pursued him on foot, identified and released him. Officers also issued a citation to a parent for not having a child under 14 years of age in a safety restraint.

Oct. 17: Officers ran radar while on patrol, responded to a report of a disruptive person at St. Luke Hospital, and investigated a noise complaint and possible underage party where all were found to be of legal age.

Oct. 18: Officers patrolled the city and city shop, ran radar while on patrol, and closed the park.

Oct. 19: Officers issued citations for a dog at large and prohibited breed, patrolled, and completed paperwork.

Oct. 20: Officers issued a verbal warning for speeding, took a report of burglary and criminal damage to a residence, downloaded data from the radar trailer, and secured bathrooms at the park.

Oct. 21: Officers issued a verbal warning for passing in a no passing zone, took a report of possible fraud in which the victim declined to press charges, and took a report of attempted sexual exploitation of a child. Officers stopped a vehicle for reckless driving, and after K9 officer Legion inspected the vehicle, three individuals were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and taken to the county jail.

Oct. 22: Officers took a battery and juvenile runaway call, making one arrest, and transported a juvenile to Junction City correctional facility.

Thursday: Officers performed follow-up on the battery case, assisted Marion EMTs on a call, issued a verbal warning for a tail light out, and performed a VIN inspection.

Friday: Officers attended alcohol server training, issued a verbal warning for speeding, issued a verbal warning for failure to wear a seat belt, worked a non-injury accident, and conducted a follow-up investigation.

Saturday: Officers issued speeding citations for speeds of 78 and 85 in a 65 mph zone, and issued verbal warnings for speeding, passing in a no-passing zone, and improper display of a license tag. Officers investigated a report of domestic violence at Central Park and arrested suspects for disorderly conduct. Officers found a 14-year-old girl on Main St. after midnight and transported her to her home in Hillsboro.

Sunday: Officers performed building checks, read and filed reports, cleaned cars, cleaned weapons, conducted follow-up investigations, and responded to a report of a dog at large, which was not found.


Oct. 21: Officers took a report of possible criminal activity.

Oct. 22: Joseph Swain of Peabody was arrested on Riley and Doniphan County warrants.

Thursday: Police took a report of domestic violence battery. Charges will be filed in district court. No arrest was made because the subject fled the area.

Saturday: Thomas Potts of Peabody was arrested and charged with driving while suspended and driving under the influence.

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