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incident reports


Sept. 7: Officers took noise and dog complaints.

Sept. 8: Officer arrested David Horton, 42, of Hillsboro for an outstanding warrant for allegedly failing to appear in court in Saline County. Police checked on a person who was attempting to remove aluminum cans at the recycling center, took a report of a suspicious package, responded to a non-injury accident, and took a traffic complaint.

Sept. 9: Officers investigated a possible wanted person, inquired about a missing mower, and responded to a verbal dispute.

Sept. 10: Police discovered a water leak on W. Grand St. and took a dog complaint.

Thursday: Officers attended a Sept. 11 service, received old ammunition from a person requesting it to be disposed of, took a report of suspicious activity, and participated in “Big Truck Night” at the elementary school.

Friday: Police took complaints of reckless driving, a dog at large, and returned seized items to an owner.

Saturday: Officers assisted with cattle on the roadway at 190th Rd. and performed a welfare check at Tabor College.


Sept. 1: Officers removed branches from streets after previous night’s storm, took a report of a branch that had fallen on a vehicle, and took a report of theft. Police responded to three dogs at large, all of which were taken to Animal Health Center.

Officers also issued a verbal warning for a tail lamp and license tag lamp out. Police took a report of an unwanted person in a residence and provided a welfare check on possible suicidal person, who turned out to be all right.

Sept. 2: Officers issued a verbal warning for speed over posted max and responded to a domestic disturbance.

Sept. 3: Officers responded to a report of tobacco sold to a minor and responded to a dog at large and advised the owner of the situation. Officers took a report of a dog left in an unattended vehicle, but no dogs were located.

Sept. 4: Police took a report of nuisance dogs and advised the owners of the situation.

Sept. 5: Officers issued one citation for speeding, one verbal warning for no tail lamp and one for expired tags, two verbal warnings for no tag lights, and gave one verbal warning for failing to wear a seatbelt. Police also responded to a report of a disorderly subject and took a report of suspicious activity.

Sept. 6 and 7: Officers responded to a report of an unattended death, issued warnings for no registration and no proof of liability during a traffic stop, issued a citation for speeding, and met with a homeless person traveling through town.

In coordination with the Marion County Substance Abuse Coalition officers conducted a saturation patrol between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Sept. 7 within city limits.

During patrol, 18 traffic stops were conducted. The following warnings were issues: one warning for driving against age restrictions, one warning for failure to have headlamps on when required, two warnings for no trailer lights, two warnings for white light to rear of vehicle, seven warnings for no tag lamps, and three warnings for failure to wear seatbelts.

The following citations were issued: two for no tag lamps, one for a child safety restraint, two for no proof of liability insurance, one for no motor vehicle, registration, and on for transportation of an open container.

Officers assisted a stranded driver and police service dog, Legion, conducted two free air sniffs of vehicles. Police also tried to serve and arrest warrant but were unable to locate the person and took a report of a dog at large but were unable to capture the dog.

Sept. 8: Officers picked up a dog at large and transported it to Animal Health Center and conducted traffic stops issued verbal warnings for speeding.

Sept. 9: Officers arrested Bridget Williams, 30, of Marion who was allegedly driving without a valid license.

Sept. 10: Police issued a verbal warning to a motorist who passed on the right side of the road.

Thursday: Officers arrested Bobby Coe, 24, of Hamilton, who was allegedly driving on a suspended license and had a warrant out for failure to appear in court. Police provided traffic control, conducted traffic stops issuing two warnings for speeding and one for driving left of center and headlights out.

Friday: Officers checked for streetlights that were not operating properly, spoke with a citizen about a scam, returned a lost dog, and attended a high school football game.

Saturday: Police responded to a non injury accident, returned a dog at large, assisted Marion County and Chase County Sheriff’s offices with a vehicle pursuit, in which the suspect crashed five miles outside of city limits.

Sunday: Officers responded to an attempted burglary and issued three citations for a curfew violation in Central Park.


Sept. 8: Police took a complaint of felony theft from a business. Misdemeanor theft from a residence was reported.

Sept. 10: Police began the process of documenting a complaint about a health and safety violation.

Friday: Police towed a vehicle that was creating a traffic hazard from Ninth and Peabody Sts.

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