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Incident reports


March 27 — A skunk found living in a shed at Hillsboro Sports Complex was trapped and removed from the area. A possible counterfeit $5 bill was investigated at Sonic Drive in; Hillsboro assistant chief Jessey Hiebert said one side of the bill tested correctly but the other did not. The business was advised to take the bill to the bank for further investigation.

March 28 — Criminal damage to property in the 100 block of S. Birch St. and a civil issue that involved a citizen’s complaint about their co-workers were investigated.

March 29 — Criminal damage to property in the 500 block of S. Washington St. was investigated.

Thursday — Security was provided at City Hall regarding an upset citizen whose power had been shut-off for alleged non-payment. A Chase County warrant was served. A traffic case involving speeding, an open container, and a DUI was investigated.

Friday — A non-injury accident in the 300 block of N. Main St., complaint of a runaway juvenile in the 300 block of N. Lincoln St., and a fight complaint in the 300 block of Jefferson St. were investigated. A warning for a vehilce equipment violation was issued.

Saturday — A report of a person attempting to break into a house was investigated; officers discovered the man was trying to get back into his house after his girlfriend allegedly kicked him out.

An escaped dog was searched for. A traffic complaint involving a vehicle with no taillights was investigated. An issue with an arctic fox in the 500 block of S. Washington St. was investigated; Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks advised that there were no regulations on arctic foxes.

Sunday — A suspicious vehicle complaint in the 300 block of N. Lincoln St. was investigated. Evidence was processed.


March 27 — A Marion High School student was observed parking in a no-parking zone prior to class; the officer contacted the school office regarding the matter. Community Corrections was assisted with a home visit in the 400 block of S. 4th St. Three citations for occupants not wearing seatbelts were issued: two in the 1200 block and one in the 1000 block of Kellison St.

March 28 — A non-injury accident involving a vehicle that had struck a fire hydrant in the 100 block of S. Lincoln St. was investigated. A warning for parking in a no-parking zone was issued in a school zone. A warning for a vehicle with a brake lamp out in the 100 block of N. Lincoln St. was issued. A non-injury accident near Eastmoor Dr. was investigated. A citizen was spoken to about a civil issue.

March 29 — A concerned citizen was met with.

Thursday — Officers assisted sheriff’s deputies with a traffic stop near the intersection of US-77 and K-256.

Friday — A report of reckless driving was investigated.

Saturday — A motorist flagged down an officer to inform them that there was a person in Marion Central Park with a BB gun. The motorist alleged that the individual had pumped the gun up as if to fire. Upon investigation, the officer found four individuals. A warning was issued to the one who allegedly fired the BB gun. Several BB guns also were secured in the trunk of a car as the individuals left the park.

A citation for flashing red and blue lights in the grill of a vehicle driving in the 1100 block of E. Main St. and a warning for a tail lamp out were issued.


March 29 — A civil property dispute at 107 W. 4th St. was investigated. Documentation on a complaint regarding a civil issue was taken.

Friday — A non-injury accident was investigated.

Saturday — A report of an alleged violation of a protection from stalking order at 501 N. Vine St. was investigated; Peabody police chief Bruce Burke said the incident had not been confirmed.

Sunday — A report of a lost tag on a vehicle’s license plate was taken.

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