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Activity reports

City police departments provided these reports this week of their recent activities:


June 4 — Food items and $55 in coins were reported missing from Hillsboro Aquatic Center after a burglary in which there were no signs of forced entry.

An officer noticed an open window at an empty ticket booth at the fairgrounds.

A trespass complaint in the 200 block of W. B St., asuspicious person in the 300 block of N. Madison St., and report of a dog bite in the 900 block of E. C St. were investigated.

June 5 — A reportedly emaciated dog found running free in the 300 block of E. D St. was taken to the Hillsboro Animal Clinic; animal cruelty charges are pending.

A report of suspicious activity in the 500 block of W. Grand St. resulted in a warning against trespassing.

An abandoned vehicle in Hillsboro Heights, missing property in the 500 block of S. Washington St., and non-payment of gasoline at Casey’s General Store were investigated.

June 6 — Multiple notices for illegally parked or disabled vehicles parked in the roadway were issued. Suspicious activity in the 600 block of N. Ash St., a harassment complaint in the 200 block of W. B St., and a report of a dog bite in the 400 block of W. Grand St were investigated.

June 7 — A women reported that her niece had been taken from a residence against her will; however, before the call the niece told officers her aunt might report her as leaving and that she was leaving of her own free will.

Reports of a trailer being stolen from behind Hillsboro True Value Hardware Store and an abandoned vehicle in the 600 block of E. A St. were investigated.

Thursday — A noise complaint in the 300 block of N. Jefferson St., a trespassing complaint in the 300 block of N. Birch St., a dog running free in the 300 block of N. Birch St., and a traffic complaint involving a visual obstruction in the 900 block of E. D St. were investigated.

A warning for a loud car exhaust was issued in the 300 block of N. Jefferson St.

Friday — Charges are pending against a Hillsboro man who allegedly battered a family member at Salem Home

A traffic hazard on US-56, a civil complaint in the 500 block of W. B St., credit card fraud complaint, and a noise complaint in the 900 block of E. D St. were investigated.

Saturday — Charges of stealing prescription medication in the 500 block of S. Washington St. and the victim of that theft furnishing prescription medication to the suspect are pending.

A couple in Hillsboro Heights did not where they were going and were unable to identify where they had been. Officers eventually made contact with a relative who lived several states away. Hillsboro Community Hospital and Salem Home provided assistance until relatives could arrive.

A reckless driving complaint on US-56 was investigated.


June 5 — Trespassing warnings were issued at the request of property owners in the 100 block of S. Freeborn St. Possible vandalism was investigated, but no report was taken.

June 6 — A rooster was found roaming free in the 300 block of Grant St.; police still are trying to determine its owner. A citation was issued at 5th and Santa Fe Sts. for a child not wearing a seat belt. Working with sheriff’s deputies, police investigated a report of juveniles playing under the US-56 bridge over Sunflower Rd./Timber Rd.

June 7 — An officer on patrol was flagged down and told about motorists speeding early in the morning on S. 3rd St. Additional patrols were conducted the next day. A suspicious vehicle in the 400 block of St. 3rd St. also was checked.

Thursday — A motorist was warned about speeding on Eisenhower Rd. near Victory Lane. Information about a reported scam that happened in the county was turned over to the sheriff’s department.

Friday — A unidentified driver was arrested on suspicion of driving with a suspended license after a traffic stop on US-56 for having no license plate light. Oral warnings were issued for several other traffic infractions.

Saturday — Logan Herston, 22, Hillsboro, was arrested at 10:20 a.m. on suspicion of stealing $7 from the purse of a nurse at St. Luke Hospital while a relative was being treated in the emergency room

Chase Feucht, 21, of Fulton, Missouri, was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop at 11:32 p.m. on US-56 for a burned-out headlight. His vehicle was searched after police dog Legion was called to check an odor.

Another free-range rooster was reported in Jex Addition, but officers could not locate it. Police also checked reports of a suspicious person in the 1000 block of Industrial Rd. and an intoxicated person in the 600 block of E. Main St. but could find neither person.


June 5 — A report of battery involving two juveniles at Peabody Swimming Pool was investigated. A report of sexual assault against a juvenile female was investigated. No further information was available, as the case is under investigation.

Friday — A vandal apparently flattened three tires on a vehicle in the 300 block of N. Pine St.

Monday — A car hit a deer at US-50 and Maple St.

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