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Police see spike in reported disputes

Staff writer

Area police have experienced a rise in reported disputes, and Hillsboro police chief Dan Kinning is unsure of the reason.

“I’ve been doing this a long time,” he said. “Things go in spurts. It seems like feast or famine, but it’s getting more and more prevalent.”

Hillsboro police had six property disputes and one harassment complaint this week that were decided to be civil issues.

Marion did not experience the same increase as Hillsboro, but police still had a significant number of calls regarding personal interactions.

Only two civil issues were reported to Marion police, but a harassment call and possible violation of a protection order were included in the mix.

Marion police chief Clinton Jeffrey could not to be reached for comment.

One factor that doesn’t help is the number of recent arrests for methamphetamine, Kinning said. Five methamphetamine arrests since May either happened in Hillsboro or started in Hillsboro.

Recent hot weather also hasn’t done any favors, Kinning said.

“People get tense because they’re in the heat or to get out of the heat they stay inside all day and get cabin fever,” he said.

Another constant is having people in less than ideal romantic situations, which can create habitual problems, Kinning said.

“I hate to see people break up, but sometimes it’s a relationship that doesn’t work,” he said. “We go through domestics on the same people over and over.”

Kinning conceded that he, too, can get testy or irritable but it comes down to knowing how to handle a situation.

“Some people control themselves,” he said. “You’ve argued with people before and then it’s not worth it or you calm down. Then there are people who can’t control their tempers.”



Last modified June 25, 2020