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Prayers lifted for healing of family

Staff writer

Hundreds gathered at Marion’s football stadium Sunday to pray for healing three family members critically ill with COVID-19.

Jeff Lee, pastor of Aulne Church, and his wife, Dawn Lee, are hospitalized at Newton Medical Center.

Their daughter Jenny Craft, wife of football coach Shaun Craft, is hospitalized at Wesley Medical Center, Wichita.

Jenny was hospitalized Sept. 20, and her baby was delivered by Cesarean section. She was intubated four days later.

Jeff and Dawn were hospitalized Sept. 26.

Jeff and Dawn’s son-in-law, Lucas Zurcher, updated the crowd on their conditions.

On Sunday, he said, Jenny was removed from isolation. Shaun was visiting her during the prayer gathering.

Tuesday, according to the family’s Caring Bridge page, Jenny had a bad night and morning.

“When she’s on the ventilator, her numbers are all good,” her sister, Catie Zurcher, wrote. “But, she’s struggling with coming off the medications. When she starts to come out of sedation, she gets worked up, agitated, and panicky, which causes her pulse to elevate. She is also still fighting an infection. It’s going to be a slow process to get her weaned off the medications and off the ventilator.”

Jeff is on a blood thinner because of clots in his lungs.

“They are giving him this medication slowly so they can monitor him,” Catie wrote. “They are checking on him every 15 minutes for the next 24 hours. They will be closely monitoring his vitals and check for stroke symptoms.”

Dawn has been moved out of a critical care unit into a medical floor.

“She is still on oxygen and still gets winded very quickly,” Catie wrote.

Dawn had hoped to go home this week, but will have to be weaned off oxygen first.

Fund-raising pages have been set up for both Jeff and Dawn Lee and Jenny and Shaun Craft.

Last modified Oct. 7, 2021