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Preparing homes for winter

Staff writer

Like it or not, cooler weather is in the near future, and homeowners can do simple things to insure their home weathers the cold.

Tom Koslowsky, co-owner of Hillsboro True Value Hardware, said people need to start thinking about filling in cracks around windows and doors, and making sure exposed pipes cannot freeze.

“We sell a lot of weather stripping this time of the year,” Koslowsky said. “People need to get cracks closed so cold air can’t get in.”

Koslowsky said older homes especially, need to fill cracks around their windows and doors and make sure pipes are protected from freezing. Old metal pipes are at greater risk of cracking.

“We’ll see a lot of people in the next few weeks preparing for winter,” he said. “Many though forget and wait until after when it’s cold.”

Last modified Oct. 10, 2013