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Pretty Good Twine puts personal touch on multi-state business

Staff writer

Agriculture is key to Marion County, Tina and David Liefer contribute a personal touch with Pretty Good Twine in Peabody.

They, and the three employees, deliver their plastic-based products themselves, throughout territory that spans as far north as Idaho, and as far south as New Mexico.

Despite the challenges of having a small staff, making personal deliveries comes with advantages, Liefer said.

“You get out to physically visit customers,” she said. “That is a plus; as opposed to just shipping it and they get a freight company who just pushes it through quickly.”

Face-to-face interaction is important because most of the sales process takes place over the phone, Liefer said.

“We actually get to talk with them,” she said. “Most of it’s done over the phone, so it’s the only time we get to physically visit with them, and provide the service of delivering out products.”

Having a small work force can be an asset in the office, too, Liefer said.

“Everybody knows what’s happening and when deliveries need to be made,” she said. “We all work together to get the job done.”

The Liefers bought the business from David’s father in 2000, but understanding the products, came with a learning curve, Tina said.

“It seems simple, but there’s a lot to know about plastic,” she said. “Usually, they start by making it into a sheet.”

From there, the plastic can be made into its separate products, including bailing twine, hay tarps, and silage film.

Last modified April 11, 2019