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Price tag of the future: $19 million

Staff writer

City council met Tuesday to discuss a capital improvement plan created by city administrator Larry Paine that starts in 2017 and goes past 2023.

With the 113 projects city Paine has worked through, he estimated the total cost to be around $19 million.

“I’m expecting, though, that there are going to be things that we will have to work through over time, and some of the things on my list are things we’d like to do, but will never, ever get done,” Paine said, “but on the other hand, there are things that we want to do that we’ll have to find a way to move heaven and earth to get them done.”

Council member Brent Driggers asked Paine he had separated the projects by what needed to be done and what the city would like to have done.

“I’m at the front end of that process,” Paine said. “I’m doing my brain dump, so to speak, so that I can figure out things that need to be on the list.”

One of the 113 projects proposed on the list included demolition of the former AMPI building.

“Demo of AMPI is going to be very expensive,” Paine said. “It’s got more than likely some asbestos issues, and it is structurally unsound in the parts that we do not occupy.”

Another project discussed was the refurbishing of a mill that had been taken down at the Adobe House museum.

“We took it down because the spindle is worn and we need to have it rebuilt,” Paine said. “My wife’s sister lives in a place in Oklahoma that has a windmill museum and they have a windmill like that so I’ll have to figure out who they had to rebuild the system.”

Other projects discussed included major water and road projects, resurfacing tennis courts at the sports complex, putting up basketball courts at the park, additional storage at sports complex to put equipment in, and the possibility of adding a pavilion at the old swimming pool site.

In other business, Larry Paine and Delores Dalke were voted as league voting delegates by the council.

Last modified Sept. 8, 2016