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Reservoir algae warning extended

Swimming continues to be banned at Marion Reservoir after state health officials on Thursday extended a blue-green algae warning in effect since June 26.

Humans, pets, and livestock should not drink or come in contact with reservoir water, and pets should not be allowed to eat dried algae.

Although health officials say it is safe to camp, boat, and fish at the reservoir, they warn that if lake water contacts skin or pet fur, the area should be washed with clean drinking water as soon as possible.

Only the fillet portion of fish caught from the reservoir should be eaten. Fish should be cleaned and rinsed with drinking water from another source, and other portions of the fish should be destroyed.

The warning is for Marion Reservoir only. Marion County Park and Lake is not impacted.

Marion Reservoir is one of six Kansas lakes under warning for blue-green algae. Others are Memorial Park’s Veterans Lake in Barton County, the northern portion of Milford Reservoir, South Park Lake in Johnson County, Atchison City Lake, and Cedar Brook Pond in Sedgwick County.

Less-serious advisories are in effect for Old Herington Lake, the southern portion of Milford Reservoir, and Jewel County State Fishing Lake.

Blue-green algae, technically known as cyanobacteria, can release a deadly neurotoxin. Its presence generally is blamed on agricultural runoff.

Warnings and advisories will remain in effect until next Thursday.

Last modified July 6, 2014