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county fair

4-H Horse Show

Senior showmanship — Champion and blue, Lisa Geis; red, Mikayla Lare.

Junior showmanship — Champion and blue, Amy Kersten; reserve champion and blue, Kalea Craig; blue, Tristan Williams.

Novice showmanship — Champion and blue, Ashley Peters; reserve and blue, Landry Duerksen; blues, Klay Willis, Cadence Craig, Ella Suderman, Paige Ensey.

Grand champion showman — Amy Kersten; reserve, Lisa Geis.

Halter, filly or mare, 2011 or before — 1st blue, Amy Kersten; 2nd blue, Landry Duerksen; 3rd blue, Paige Ensey; reds, Kalea Craig, Sienna Kaufman.

Halter, gelding, 2011 or before — 1st blue, Lisa Geis; 2nd blue, Ashley Peters; blue, Tristan Williams; reds, Sienna Kaufman, Mikayla Lare, Klay Willis.

Halter, stock type horse — Champion, Amy Kersten; reserve, Landry Duerkson.

Halter, English gelding, 2011 or before — Champion and blue, Amy Kersten.

Miniature horse, filly or mare, 2011 or before — Champion and blue, Tristan Williams.

Grand champion halter — Amy Kersten; reserve, Landry Duerkson.

Walk trot horsemanship — 1st blue, Landry Duerksen; 2nd blue, Ella Suderman; 3rd blue, Ashley Peters; 4th blue, Paige Ensey.

14 or older Western horsemanship — Reds, Lisa Geis, Sienna Kaufman.

11-13 Western horsemanship — Blues, Tristan Williams, Kalea Craig.

7-10 Western horsemanship — Blue, Cadence Craig.

14 or older Western pleasure — Blue, Lisa Geis; red, Sienna Kaufman.

11-13 Western pleasure — 1st blue, Kalea Craig; 2nd blue, Tristan Williams.

7-10 Western pleasure — 1st blue, Cadence Craig; 2nd blue, Klay Willis; red, Paige Ensey.

Trail — Blues, Sienna Kaufman, Tristan Williams, Cadence Craig, Kalea Craig.

Trail, miniature horse — Blue, Tristan Williams.

Barrels — Purple, Sienna Kaufman; reds, Lisa Geis, Mikayla Lare.

Purple, Tristan Williams.

Purple, Ashley Peters; blues, Cadence Craig, Landry Duerksen, Kalea Craig.

Poles — Purple, Lisa Geis; Blue, Sienna Kaufman; red, Mikayla Lare.

Purple, Kalea Craig; blue, Cadence Craig.

Costume Class — Purple, Klay Willis.


Agility I  on leash — Purple, Maddie Suderman, Johnnie Zieammermann; White, Carly Dienes.

Agility I  off leash — White, Devon Gaines, Larry Zieammermann.

Agility II — White, Morgan Gaines.

Pre-novice A obedience — White, Mia Duerksen, Devon Gaines.

Pre-novice B obedience — White, Johnny Zieammermann, Larry Zieammermann.

Novice — White, Morgan Gaines.

Junior showmanship — Grand Champion and purple, Carly Deines; reserve and red, Mia Duerksen; Red, Ellie Suderman, Johnny Zieammermann.

Intermediate showmanship — Grand champion and blue, Morgan Gaines; reserve and white, Maddie Suderman.

Senior showmanship — Grand champion and blue, Devon Gaines; reserve and red, Larry Zieammermann.

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