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Rock for lake roads discussed

Marion County Commissioner Dan Holub asked the other commissioners Monday to consider providing rock for roads at Marion County Lake.

Holub’s original plan was to have rock available for lake residents to fill potholes on the private drives.

“They do pay a lot of property taxes out there,” commission chairman Bob Hein said. He added that he would be in favor of the plan with county lake superintendent Steve Hudson assisting.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said he wasn’t sure about the idea if the rock was made available to residents without some supervision from the county. He said he wasn’t sure if the county should take responsibility for the roads that are less than 20 feet wide.

“Do we want to offer to maintain roads once a year?” Dallke asked. It was noted that there wasn’t sufficient room for county equipment on some of the more narrow roads which would make it difficult if not impossible to maintain.

Holub then suggested Marion County Improvement District #2, which provides sewer and water to lake residents, be responsible for the roads that would receive the rock with the county assisting with the placement.

“They aren’t wanting continuous maintenance,” Holub said. “They just want some rock to fill potholes.”

Dallke also noted that with some new construction at the lake, there are new drainage issues that need to be addressed.

He also asked how the improvement district’s charter was set up regarding whether the district could take care of the road issue or if the district strictly was for sewer and water.

Later in the meeting, Dallke asked if the county needed to “step up” and regulate outgoing grain trucks. He said he understood the need for local farmers to be able to haul grain to area elevators on county roads but wondered if commercial haulers that take grain from the elevators to other cities could be required to use roads more suited for heavy loads.

No decisions were made.

Last modified Oct. 8, 2008