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Clyde and Pam Mohn of Denver, Colo., John and Jeanie LaFronzo of San Jose, Calif., visited Macella Mohn. They came to attend the Mohn family reunion Sept. 1.

Those who helped Gus Hamm celebrate his birthday on Aug. 27 were Gaylord and Valera Hamm and Ken Pankratz of Durham, Jim and Merna Hamm and Morgan of Tampa, Marcella Mohn, Arlene Pankratz, and Tim and Donna Diener of Hillsboro.

Dinner guests of Tim and Donna Diener on Sept. 3 were Kent and Emily Nichol and Jack of Hesston, Marissa Diener of Lawrence, and Arlene Pankratz.

Peter and Wendy Daniel of London, England, were recent visitors of Virgil and Jean Oblander.

Supper guests of Willis Penner and family on Sept. 1 were the Tom Perry family.

Jeryl and Vickie Mohn of Sugarland, Texas, spent the weekend with Marcella Mohn.

Last modified Sept. 13, 2012