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Roundabouts create as many problems as they solve

To the editor:

The proposed roundabout at the junction of highways 150 and 77 might solve one cause of accidents but could create other problems.

In the years 2010 and 2011, very long, wide tanks, manufactured on the east side of Emporia, came through that intersection on the way to McPherson. My son, Dale, and I had to park on the shoulder while one of those tanks used both lanes of K-150 to pass by. The tank and truck pulling it could never circle a roundabout.

A few years ago a roundabout was installed on the west edge of Emporia. There have been accidents on it. My sister avoids it. Her daughter and husband were in England a few years back. She said England was removing roundabouts because of traffic problems.

I have seen a woman driving a car while talking on a cell phone and eating an ice cream cone! Let us drive defensively, watch other vehicles, yield, and be courteous.

Mary Clemmer, Tampa

Last modified Jan. 4, 2012