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Rum to join tacos for Old Settlers Day

Staff writer

Taco’s Food Truck will be selling hard liquor at That One Place for Old Settlers Day weekend, Sept. 25 and 26.

“We will keep it limited to coarse spirits; probably vodka, rum, tequila, some of your standard mixed drinks,” owner Josh Tajchman said. “It’s a pretty limited supply, since it’s a two-day thing. I don’t want to over-purchase and be sitting on leftover alcohol.”

This is the first time That One Place will sell hard liquor. It has obtained a special 48-hour permit from the state and city to do so. Tajchman isn’t sure he would seek another permit outside of Old Settlers Day. Businesses can obtain up to four per year.

“We’ve contemplated kind of a New Year’s Eve type party,” he said.

Tajchman emphasized putting safety first. He is looking to hire drivers who could help his customers get home safely.

“If everyone’s responsible, I think we could have fun and not have any issues,” he said.

Last modified Sept. 2, 2021