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Search yields large cache of allegedly stolen goods

Staff writer

Marion County deputies recovered a trailer full of stolen property May 5 when they got a warrant and searched a residence on Forest St.

Sheriff Robert Craft said hand tools, power tools, welders, camping equipment, and many other items were recovered.

It’s believed the items were stolen in incidents spanning as far back as last year.

“It’s from many, many, numerous burglaries or thefts,” Craft said. “We’re getting it sorted out to determine what is whose.”

The Canton police department is also interested in the recovered items, the sheriff said.

Craft said the suspect, who was already in custody when the search warrant was issued, later bonded out of jail.

“It’s not an unknown person to us,” Craft said.

“We’ve had him in here before a number of times. We’ve been working to get enough information to get a search warrant.”

Last modified May 14, 2020