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Seasonal changes integral to decor

Staff writer

Home decorating is an important part of many holidays, so carrying certain supplies comes down to timing for businesses, said Carlene Vogt, an employee at décor shop Odds ‘n’ Ends.

Setting up decorations at home isn’t difficult, but it often comes down to motivation, Vogt said.

“You try to do it soon enough that you can have it out there a while,” she said. “If you enjoy doing it, it’s not that hard to do.”

At TC’s What Not Shop in Marion, vendor Shirley Krause said it helps to have vendors selling their own products.

“It’s everybody’s store, so we keep it up,” she said. “Everybody who works in here has a booth and they’re invested in the store. It makes a big difference.”

One important part of working in a décor shop is being able to arrange items in a way that maximizes their visual impact, Krause said.

“In the store, display is everything,” she said. “That’s what sells your product.”

One of the biggest opportunities for customers is the craft fairs, which provide many options for autumn decorating, Vogt said.

“They’re always pretty fall oriented because of the time of year,” she said.

The crafty, and sometimes rustic, style especially resonates with the younger demographic, Vogt said.

“The young girls like all this stuff that’s been repurposed,” she said. “A lot of them are unique, and people are pretty good at making them.”

Last modified Aug. 22, 2019