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Senior housing may bring glut
of homes for sale

Staff writer

The availability of affordable housing is encouraging some seniors to consider putting their houses on the market. This in turn may cause more housing to become available for families.

“We do have a lot of homes for sale,” real estate agent Lori Heerey said Tuesday. “But I can’t directly attribute the abundance to the housing projects going on in town, at least not yet.”

Heerey said five or six seniors had stopped by her office in the last week and a half to pick up packets that include information about eligibility guidelines and occupancy standards for the new housing.

Some seniors have expressed concern about income limits, she said. Their concern is that they don’t make a lot of money but still make more than what it takes to qualify for Homestead Affordable Housing.

Marion residents Harlow and Edith Warneke have an interview scheduled with Homestead for a duplex currently under construction on Eisenhower St.

Edith said they had looked at a number of housing options in the county but wanted to stay in Marion because it’s home.

“It appealed to us because they have garages and there is more privacy than an apartment,” she said. “Harlow is going to be 90 soon, and we won’t have to mow or do all the upkeep.”

Accessibility for people with disabilities is also important for the Warnekes.

Marion resident Valera Morgan is planning to sell her house and move into a two-bedroom duplex apartment if she qualifies.

“I don’t know if my house will sell; there are so many for sale,” Morgan said. “I just don’t want to worry anymore.”

She doesn’t want to be a problem for her son, who drives in from Goessel when she needs help. She also likes that she won’t be responsible for yard work or general maintenance.

“I’ll be 90 in September,” she said. “If a light bulb goes out, I can’t get on a stool to change it.”

She also values her independence.

“I want to go when I want to go,” she said. “I like to take the bus, do my gambling, and go to the senior center.”

City Administrator Roger Holter said several people had picked up information packets from the city office, too.

He said two apartments recently were completed at September I Apartments.

“There has been lots of interest but we are in the hurry up and wait stage right now,” Holter said. “We’re still waiting for the projects to finish up.”

Last modified June 18, 2014