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Sixth grade student's creation is "luring" in the anglers

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Ever since Lane Rogers was little, his mother Danielle said, he wanted to build and sell things. Now, the sixth grader from Hillsboro has his own business in one of his favorite activities: fishing.

“Lane’s Lures” was created three months ago, and offers a variety of fishing lures, big and small, that range from $3 to $4.

Rogers learned the art of lure making by talking with family friend Greg Morton from Canton, who also makes lures.

“He taught me pretty much everything,” Rogers said. “He came over and showed me everything.”

Morton also taught Rogers how to paint the lures, including what Rogers described as the trickiest part.

“There are some that look like they had fish scales on them,” Rogers said. “He taught me how to paint the fish scales.”

Rogers first show was in Wichita, where his mother Danielle said he was very professional.

“He would talk to everybody and then when he left for a minute he said ‘Mom, you can tell them good afternoon, but tell them I’ll be right back, that way I can help them and you don’t tell them something wrong.’” Danielle said. “So he’s been really outgoing and doing a really good job.”

Rogers second show was A Down Home Christmas in Hillsboro, where he sold his lures inside of Kessler Kreations.

His show at Down Home Christmas also secured him another show in 2017.

“Marie Kessler offered Lane a booth in front of Kessler Kreations for the arts and crafts fair,” Danielle said. “Marie saves booth space for local kids who makes their own things.”

Danielle helped her son get his business idea off of the ground, and helps him sell his lures on social media.

“We gave him a business loan, his parents, and after his show on Saturday he was able to pay it off,” Danielle said, “and now he has a profit and has been buying more things.”

Rogers plans to buy more molds to offer an even larger variety of lures, including lures that can go into the ocean.

Danielle said she is proud of her son and how hard he has been working.

“This has been good for him,” Danielle said. “He’s very entrepreneurial.”

Last modified Dec. 14, 2016