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Some worry too much about re-election

Congressional candidate Tracey Mann, R-Salina, doesn’t have anything against his opponents in the Kansas 1st District primary, but he doesn’t favor electing career politicians, he told 13 people at a campaign stop Thursday in Hillsboro.

“I feel like we can’t keep promoting politicians,” he said. “I’m tired of hearing the rhetoric and hearing the same solutions to the same problems.”

Mann said he favors congressional term limits, because too many legislators worry more about getting re-elected than making the best decisions for Americans.

He said he doesn’t think the federal government can stimulate the economy back into prosperity. He also thinks the government is too involved in environmental regulation, education, and health care.

Federal health care reform didn’t address health care costs, he said. Congress needs to get serious about tort reform, so medical professionals don’t have to worry as much about lawsuits.

Related Medicare cuts will be especially damaging to rural hospitals, which have a high percentage of patients on Medicare, he said. Kansas 1st District has more hospitals than any other congressional district, he added.

Mann grew up in Quinter. He earned a degree in agricultural economics from Kansas State University, where he served as student body president. He also worked as an intern for Rep. Jerry Moran. He works in the real estate business in Salina.

Last modified July 7, 2010