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Stabbing remains a mystery

Hospitalized by wound, victim nonetheless refuses to make statement

News editor

An investigation into an alleged Nov. 15 stabbing in Peabody is stalled because the victim refuses to cooperate with authorities.

“Since I don’t have a victim reporting a crime or making a statement to the police department, I don’t have anything,” Peabody police chief Bruce Burke said.

The 37-year-old male victim came to the attention of Newton police when he sought treatment at Newton Medical Center.

“This guy shows up at our hospital about 5 p.m. the evening of the 15th,” Newton police lieutenant Scott Powell said. “The hospital is mandated to call on situations like these. He had signs of being in a fight and had a stab wound on his back.”

Describing the man as uncooperative, Powell said he would not describe how he received the wound or who caused it. However, he indicated it happened behind a dollar store.

While the man was being transferred to a Wichita hospital, Newton police searched behind numerous stores of that variety for signs of a struggle, but found none, Powell said.

The victim was known to Newton police, Powell said, and their database listed addresses for the victim in Newton, Halstead, and Peabody.

Burke had already heard something about a possible incident and started an investigation when he received the call from Newton, he said.

Burke’s investigation contradicted the victim’s assertion about the location of the stabbing incident.

“It did not happen at Dollar General,” Burke said.

The victim, described by Burke as “somewhat transient,” did not disclose additional details when interviewed, Burke said.

Burke declined to answer questions about a possible identity for the perpetrator, but said he did not believe the person posed a greater threat.

“I don’t consider the public or anyone else in danger,” Burke said.

Burke’s investigation will remain open, and Powell said his department would pass along any information they receive.

“Usually there are leads and tips that come in,” Powell said. “Whatever leads come in we transfer to the investigating department.”

Last modified Nov. 23, 2017