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Storms flood roads, demolish buildings

A line of strong thunderstorms pelted Marion County with wind, heavy rain, and hail Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service reported quarter to half-dollar size hail near Florence, tree and barn damage three miles southeast of Goessel, and winds measured at 60 mph five miles west of Marion.

Nearly two inches of rain fell in the storm, with locally heavier amounts.

Scattered power failures were reported in Florence, Goessel, Hillsboro, Lincolnville, and Lost Springs.

The county-owned vehicle of Economic Development Director Teresa Huffman was among those damaged by hailstones when she was caught in one of the storms while returning to Marion from Florence.

In Marion, a fallen tree limb and street flooding made South Third Street nearly impassible Monday night. North Walnut Street was flooded over the curbs, and small limbs were felled throughout the city, especially in Central Park.

Damages across the county

No tornadoes were verified in the county but strong winds prevailed. Tornado sirens were sounded in Marion because of suspicious clouds to the east.

The Florence area reported hail, strong winds, and rain.

Two-inch hail cracked windshields and damaged three vehicles at Charles DeForest farm north of Florence.

DeForest said shingles will need to be replaced.

The storm stripped leaves from trees and corn plants and damaged wheat that was almost ready for harvest.

A barn at the Rufus Lohrenz farm, 1359 Jade Rd., Hillsboro, was destroyed.

Lohrenz said the worst of the storm was around 8 p.m. Monday.

“The whole house shook,” he said. “It just came like that and was over with a terrible noise.”

Peabody reported pea-size hail and some limbs were down but no major damage.

Last modified June 18, 2009