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Strangers rush to aid trapped baby

Staff writer

Marion resident Breanne Prior was shopping at Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market on Thursday with her 10-month-old daughter, Paislee, when she realized that her daughter’s leg was stuck in the cart.

“We were at the checkout and she lifted her leg up and got it caught in the cart,” Prior said.

Prior tried to stay calm during the ordeal, but she said it was hard to do.

“It wasn’t easy,” Prior said. “Paislee kept wanting me and she was crying and screaming and just wanted out.”

Wal-Mart employees intervened right away while Prior, in a panic, asked people as they walked in if they had anything to help pry the bars apart.

Two good Samaritans Prior flagged down used their hands to help free Paislee’s leg before an ambulance arrived.

“Two workers plus two other individuals helped pry bars apart,” Prior said. “They helped us get her leg out.”

Prior said Wal-Mart viewed footage later on and had estimated that Paislee’s leg had been stuck in the cart for three to five minutes before it was noticed. A couple bruises and a swollen foot were all the injuries Paislee sustained.

Prior, having been in a panic, failed to receive the names of the helpers, but was very thankful for their willingness to help.

“It was a very scary situation,” she said. “It’s very reassuring to know there are people out there (that are) so helpful.”

Last modified Aug. 19, 2015